Ukulele Arrangements

Free Public Domain Arrangements for the Ukulele:

La laine des moutons

Fendez le bois

C’est l’aviron

(Watch a video of this arrangement on my YouTube channel)

Papillon, tu es volage, Bm (for Baritone)

Here are the accompanying downloadable sheets from April 2020:

À la claire fontaine, C6

À la claire fontaine, with harmony and advanced chord shapes, C6

Here’s a free duet arrangement on Noteflight for classroom:

À la claire fontaine (partition gratuite pour deux ukulélés)

Here are the accompanying downloadable sheet music from March 2020:

You Are My Sunshine, C6, Key of G

Yellow Bird, C6, Key of C

From December 2018:

Celine Dion & Family...Le Cloches Du Hameau... - YouTube

Les cloches du hameau, C6, Low G Tuning

Les cloches du hameau, D6, Low A Tuning

Les cloches du hameau, G6, Baritone Ukulele

You can also have a listen to my recording at SoundCloud.


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