Just when I had started teaching again…

I had just gotten into a great groove. I had a few private students coming for lessons regularly and I even got to use a perfect meeting space in our condo for my small group. I was also travelling once a week to a private home to teach a wonderful group of women. I had been really busy and inspired after starting to teach ukulele again this past winter. Until the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in North America, that is. Like all teachers, our in-person lessons and music making came to an abrupt end about a month ago.

I can’t believe almost a month has gone by. At first it was so stressful and living with 2 people who travel for a living means I will have to self-isolate indefinitely. We’re still taking extra care not to leave except for food every couple of weeks. But like everyone else, despite job insecurity and the huge changes in our daily lives, life in general keeps coming at us, and even death in our own family and others. This has awakened a heightened sense of the fragility of everything around us. But also the importance of making time for the things you love to do, every day, like an Instagram workout or a remote yoga session. But the saving grace has really been music, for me. For others around me, it’s online video games with family or diving into crafts and hobbies and that’s also great. I’m really thankful for a few people who I can continue to connect with creatively to play, arrange and share music.

By now I’ve gotten all of my students (and family!) using conference platforms like Zoom and Skype and FaceTime and even Snapchat! We’ve managed to connect somewhat and I’ve enjoyed seeing their faces and playing for them and with them, taking questions and teaching them a little. One thing that is really helping is I’ve also started creating some play-along videos for them to practice with.

Also seemed like a good time to revive the teaching blog, so here we go…

Originally intended as a play-along for my Book 3 students, this solo arrangement of Streets of Laredo is from James Hill’s The Ukulele Way, Book 3, Lesson 5, which is also the lesson of the month over at Uketropolis for April 2020.

Creating and curating pre-recorded lesson material is actually James’ advice for dealing with the new reality that we’ve been thrust into and avoiding teacher burnout so that’s exactly what I’ll try and keep doing then.

Here are two more play along videos with accompanying arrangements I created for students during the March madness of 2020. I guess this is the new teaching format for now. I’ll try and keep updating the blog too, if that helps spread the joy of music a little.


4 thoughts on “Just when I had started teaching again…

  1. Cynthia K

    Nice to get this post in my inbox today. It is strange times indeed and how powerful to see how much comfort and connection music can bring us. I’m so glad to be part of your musical circle and to be inspired by your thoughtfulness and creativity. Keep being wonderful, C! 🎶❤️

  2. Mariette Boutin

    Keep up the music, you are the inspiration for our family in these virus times and especially in our personal family Loss! I’m quite proud of you!!


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