A funny thing happened after I registered…

On the same day I registered for James Hill’s Level 2 Teacher Certification course, my dear husband bumped into James at the airport in Toronto. How cool is that? I’m really looking forward to continuing on this journey of learning and yesterday I received my Book 2 CD and method books. I’m pretty excited about the variety of repertoire in this one. In particular, I love the classical pieces and the french folklore.  It looks like it’s going to be fun and challenging too! I also received my Play Ukulele Today! book, which I’m hoping to start teaching online to my nephew in northern Ontario.  His birthday is next week and he’s getting a ukulele from Grandmaman. (my other newest student, but that’s for another post)

Now here’s another great video I found this in the Spring publication of Ukulele Yes!

James Hill – Assam/Like A Bird (HiSessions.com Acoustic Live!)


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