En première, demain à midi!

C’est l’aviron

Premiering tomorrow, our little CUTE ensemble will be opening another set of virtual performance videos from the Ukes of T with this arrangement of a classic French voyageur song. You can set a reminder at YouTube ahead of time by clicking below.

The playlist will be followed by this video of the Gossec Gavotte at 12:15pm, edited by Catherine Goykhman, who I am happy to say has taken up the reins from me as the new social media coordinator for the orchestra! Thanks Cat! Check out her teaching website: /https://www.catplaysukulele.com/

Last but not least will be the premiere of this video at 12:30pm. Janis Ian’s ‘Better Times Will Come’, which I edited from another Zoom recording at one of the rehearsals. I urge you to check out this uplifting pandemic project at https://www.bettertimeswillcome.com/ to find out more about the song.

It’s still really satisfying to continue to hear all of our voices singing together even though we’re still apart. Put your headphones on at noon tomorrow and enjoy! Eve did a wonderful job of mixing the audio for these, once again. We’re all learning so much from these experiences. I hope it’ll leaving you feeling as hopeful as I was, hearing it. Here’s to better times, ahead!


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