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Fall Registration for Ukulele programs

So I guess I’ve “burned the boats”, now that I’ve given up my day job to focus on doing what I love. I’ll be teaching Ukulele in a set of new programs here and there. Here are the details:

2014_08_0002This fall, I’m starting a new ukulele program for adults at Brookfield HS, through the OCDSB’s General Interest Program. I’ll be using the ukulele method from James Hill/Chalmers Doane which includes some basic note reading, scales and playing ensemble pieces, along with chord-accompanied singing. Level 1 is for new beginners on Tuesday evenings and Level 2 on Wednesday evenings, is for intermediate players who may have already mastered some chords but would like to learn to do more with the ukulele. Material covered will be similar in both classes, levels simply determine the pace of the lessons. The first 10-week session starts on Sep. 23. Registration is available online or by phone: 613-239-2751.

For kids at Castor Valley ES, Rockcliffe Park PS and Elmdale PS, registration to their Extra-curricular programs begins on Sep. 2.

And finally, I’ll be teaching the senior students at SuzukiMusic again this year, and also adding an open adult class on Saturdays there too. Parents of senior students, former Suzuki students and even grandparents are welcome to join me for some SuzUkulele fun! Registration information for this one will be sent directly to SuzukiMusic community members.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about programs!


New beginner ukulele sessions starting in January!

We’re offering new sessions in January for beginner ukulele students at Castor Valley ES and also a new 8 week Introductory course at Elmdale Public School.  Please visit the OCDSB’s Extra-Curricular Creative Arts program page for more details and registration.

My students and I have been very busy at Castor Valley this fall, preparing some pieces for our first “Open House” of the year, Monday, December 9th at 8am. The group is smaller this year and a combination of Level 1 and 2 students but they’re very enthusiastic learners. I hope many of their friends will be able to come in early and hear them play. We’re currently looking at possibly opening up a new session for beginner ukulele students after the holidays, so stay tuned for that…

CastorValleyUkuleleOpenHouseDec2013 copy

Castor Valley Ukuleles at Talentfest 2012

Here are the ukulele students who participated in the 8-week ukulele introductory course given last winter. They are performing “Rocky Mountain” at the annual school talent show in May, 2012. What a great job they did singing, picking and strumming this song. I’m very proud and really hoping I can put this course on again next year. Thanks to parent, Chris Blaney, for capturing this video for us.

Castor Valley Ukuleles at Talentfest 2012

ECCA course is a go at CVES

I just got word that I’ve got the minimum 8 students already signed-up on the first day of registration for the upcoming Extra-Curricular Creative Arts course I proposed at our elementary school. I’ll be teaching Ukulele Level 1 for an 8 week introductory course starting in January.

This is for real, I guess. No turning back now!

Ukulele Lady by Vaughn De Leath